8 Tips to Make Android Run Faster and Smother


How to make Android Run Faster and Smother

Every Android Smartphone user wants their smartphone to work faster a nd smother without any lag and slowness. All of us uses their android smartphone for various purpose like watching movies, web-series, capturing photos and videos, gaming, web browsing, listening music’s, taking notes and many more other works. And sometimes we have to suffer from slowness and lag in our android smartphone.

All the fast processing smartphone takes less power in processing and consumes less memory, in result they improve the battery performance and also the processing power. And reduces the lags and slowness of the devices, here is the list of some useful tips which can make your android smartphone faster and smother.

List Of Tips To Speed Up Android Phone

Keep Your Android OS & All Installed Apps Updated

Keeping the android OS updated is one of the best methods to make any android Smartphone run faster and smother. Along with Android OS all the installed apps should also be updated to its latest version.

It’s because all the newer version both OS and Apps comes with many new functions and also bug fixes which actually helps the android smartphone hardware to give its maximum performance.

Uninstalling and disabling unused Apps

Remember One thing, always install only those apps on your android device which you really need to use it. If there is any app which you are not using then just uninstall it or disable it, because those apps keep consuming the memory and many times it also consume CPU usage.

There are also some apps which kepp running in background and those type of apps actually increases the RAM and CPU usage. So just install or disable the apps which you are not using.

Always Clear the Cached Data

Regular usage of any app builds a cache data of that app in memory. Actually this cached data is used by that app for lag free task. For short period of time it is useful but in long term that data can make your system hang.

So the cached data should be clean at a regular interval of time to make the OS of your Android device clean and fresh.

Make Your Android Device Home screen Simple

It’s very important to keep the homscreen of android device simple. Many of us uses lots of widgets on homescreen, some of us love to apply live wallpapers on homescreen.

But using live wallpaper and a lot of widgets on homescreen it slower the visuals on homescreen and it drains the battery more faster than usual, so use minimum widgets on homescreen and use static wallpapers on homescreen.

Turn of Animations in Android Device

Turing off animation is one of the best ways to make android run faster. In many android smartphones animation usually slows the user interface of the device and it also consumes more battery juice than usual. So in term to make android faster just use animation at minimum or disable it.

Factory Reset

Many Times due to some wrong system settings or configuration our android device runs slow and start hanging. And we didn’t remember that what system settings we have changed.

In that case its really difficult to find out the reason behind the slowness of device and the reason behind the hanging problem of android device. In that case Factory Reset helps us. Factory Reset clean all android mobile memory and settings to default and make device runs like new and give performance like a new smartphone.

Turn Off Auto Sync

In our smartphone there are many applications which automatically sync for latest data and gives us updates. It’s useful in many ways but it also impact performance of the device. It drains battery and consumes RAM memory. So turn off the Auto Sync and only sync the app when you need it. you can change it by going to settings in your android device.

Use Launchers for Android

For Making Your Android Smartphone more faster and smother you can also use third party Android Launchers instead of default android launcher. These launchers uses less memory gives a simple UI and boosts the android speed too.

Want to Know which is the Best Android Launcher?


Above are some tips to improve your android smartphone experience. Now you can easily make your android smartphone run faster and smoother. Be tuned with us for more updates. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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