How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers


How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers

Today everyone is well known that day by day cyber attacks are increasing. Anyone can keep eye on you by tracking your device or seeing your personal data and information. And that’s the reason why you are here. In This web Tutorial you will learn “How to secure your Android Phone From Hackers” and how you fix that issue.

Today the most secure smartphone is no doubt android smartphone. Not all the android smartphone are secure but those android smartphone who get monthly security patches timely and get updated regularly. But android is under constant attack. Too many smartphone’s vendors still don’t issue Google’s Monthly Android Security Patches timely.

So, here the question comes that now what should we do. Actually we can do a lot, here are top 10 ways to keep Secure Android Phone from Hackers.

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How To Secure Your Phone From Hackers

Here in this web tutorial we will discuss 10 best methods and tips to keep your android device safe from attacks.

  1. Use Best Antivirus Apps/software for Your Android Smartphone.

While every Android device has a Google Play Protect which does a good job of protecting your phone. But when it comes to a malware protection I feel that in this field a best Android Antivirus application is needed.

Antivirus programs are really best and helpful to keep your android phone safe and free from all the viruses that can easily come in your rooted android device. so it’s better to use a best antivirus in your android device. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a best choice. The phone tracking feature doesn’t work well but its good in finding and deleting the malware from smartphone.

  1. Lock Your Android Phone from Pin/Password

This is the simplest and best security steps to protect your android smartphone. But many of you still don’t do it. Because it is an old fashioned. Many of you love to use fingerprint, face unlock, etc but remember Pin lock is the safest lock it adds a layer of protection on your android smartphone.

  1. Only Use Apps from the Google Play Store

You will be surprised to know that the majority of malware comes from unreliable third party applications. Google has always working on making the Google Play Store safer than ever. They have introduced Google Play Protect which automatically scan your android device for malware when you install any app from Google play store.

  1. Always Use Best and Secure Android Browsers to Browse Web

Many user think that they are safe over the internet for browsing a lot of things making payments, online shopping’s etc. but that’s not the scene. Today there are numerous spy agencies which are just tracking users to get their details, so it is necessary to ensure your privacy by using a best and secure Android browsers to browse web.

  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication.

While securing our android smartphone we forget to secure the Google services. So you should also lock downb your google account and services. The best way to secure your Google service is Google Own Two- Factor Authentication.

It can be done by logging into Google Account and head to the Two-step verification settings page. One you reach their Activate it. now whenever you login you will get an OTP with the help of that you can login and use the services.

  1. Use Android Device Manager in Your Android Smartphone

This is the first thing you must enable on your android device. with the help of Android Device Manager on your android you can track your smartphone by just logging into your same Gmail account in any other device or laptop.

  1. Do not save passwords in your web browsers

You should not save passwords in web browsers in your android smartphone. they can easily be hijacked by the hackers.

  1. Turn Off Connections when you don’t need them

If you are not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in your smartphone then turn them off. it will save battery life and also from many attacks because network connections can be used to attack on your smartphone too.

  1. If you don’t use any App then uninstall it

Every application which we uses came’s with its own security problems. Most of the android application/software regularly update their programs and make secure. So if you are not using any application then just uninstall it. they might be a window for hackers to attack.


Above are some tips and methods to secure android phone from hacker. Now you can easily make sure that your android smartphone is secured or not. Stay connected with TechOnTrend for more tips and tricks.

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