Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone could come with these Top Unique Features: Report


Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone could come with these Top Unique Features: Report

All the companies are just busy in making their first foldable smartphone and some of them are on its way to be launch, as the foldable smartphone have gotted a big buzz since after the launch of the first Galaxy Fold device in market by Samsung. According to a report the foldable smartphone will cause a stir in the market by 2021. We have now Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei mate X foldable smartphone in the market, now Motorola is seems to enter this market but with very different design which is not similar to what we have seen as far. This brand is reported to resurrect its flip phone design back with the iconic Moto RAZR smartphone.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter then you might be knowing that this is not the first time we got the resurrection information regarding Moto RAZR. Back in January the Wall Street Journal published a report on the foldable screen technology for the newly Motorola foldable device. The upcoming moto foldable smartphone is expected to launch on Verizon and might be having a price tag of $1,500 (approx Rs. 1,05,096). A report from The Verge also claimed the registration of the device design with World Intellectual property organization which shows the design aspect of the Razr phone.

As you can see the design aspect of the upcoming device in the rendered sketch which showing a long screen inward folding with having display on the top of the back panel which comes on front after folding the device which suggest that the upcoming device will be a dual screen device similar as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

The Motorola’s VP of Global Product Dan Dery stated that the company is indeed working on a foldable smartphone but he didn’t share any information concerning the device now.  A fresh report from XDA Developer shared some information on the software which will be powering the upcoming Motorola foldable device.

The report confirmed that the upcoming smartphone will come with two displays. But there is no word’s of the marketing name of the upcoming device. The software details of the device hinted some information.

The report states that the working secondary display on the external part of the device won’t give entire functioning of the Android OS when get folded. Some of the apps will be restricted and some of the apps will work even when the device is in the folded state. There will be only few functions which will run on closed display.

Here are the functions that will run on closed display.

” When unfolded, the “closed display” can act as a trackpad. Right now, the trackpad functionality is limited to scrolling web pages in Google Chrome and scrolling the app’s timeline.
Up to 6 Quick Settings, tiles will be displayed on the “closed display.” It’s unclear to us if Motorola will allow the user to scroll to see more tiles, however.
When in the camera app, the user can tap on the primary display to capture a photo, or swipe up on the primary display to zoom in. Presumably, this will help the user take selfies when holding the phone with the camera pointed toward the user. A countdown timer can also be shown through the dual screen.
If the user triggers Google Assistant while the phone is flip closed, then the Assistant animation can be shown if the user chooses to enable it. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to “flip open to unlock” using their password or PIN.
Motorola is testing having the Moto Display app show a clock, pulsing notifications, and controlling media via the external display.
The user may be able to have a separate wallpaper showing on the “closed display.”
That’s all we know so far about the upcoming device. If we learn more about “Voyager,” we’ll let you all know.”

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