How to Make Money From WhatsApp Easily [Updated Tutorial 2021]

Here we will see best and authentic methods of Making Money from WhatsApp


How to Make Money From WhatsApp

In This web tutorial you are going to learn about some easy, interesting and working methods to make money from you WhatsApp account. So go through it and make some money.

Welcome to TechOnTrend, Today we are going to tell you about some tips and ways to make money from your WhatsApp Account. You will be surprised to hear that how you can earn money from the WhatsApp.

Yes its right, you can earn money from the world’s most used instant messaging app WhatsApp. Go through the entire web-section carefully because this will teach you about various easy and working methods to make money from your WhatsApp account.

This is also true that you cannot make money directly from your WhatsApp Account, it’s because the WhatsApp does not provide any opportunity to its users to earn money from it. But through some Affiliate Program and Online Money Making Program you can utilize your WhatsApp friends list to make money.

Make Money From WhatsApp

Make money from WhatsApp Using URL Shorten Service

URL Shorten Service is another easiest way to make money from WhatsApp. There are numerous list of paid URL Shortening Service Available on Internet like etc. Let’s see how it works.

URL Shortening Service is a web based service which allows their users to shorten any links to various web portals using their website, and for each click that the new shortening link will get, the user will be paid certain amount of money for it, and by this way you can make money. Now you may be thinking that how to get started any URL Shortening Service.

Actually there are a lot of URL Shortening Service available on the internet who offers you to make money. Just choose any of URL Shortening Site and register by filling the required information.

When the registration gets completed, find some interesting and viral worthy content that will get your WhatsApp friends eyes on it like Funny image Link, trending news, viral videos, interesting facts, WhatsApp question answer games etc. after finding the stuff to share, just copy the URL and shorten the URL using the URL shortening tools offered by the URL shortening service. After shortening the URL your will get a new short Link of that url link.

Now just copy and share this new link with your WhatsApp friends or any of your WhatsApp group. When any WhatsApp friend clicks on it you will get some amount of money.

Example :- Suppose you have 1000 friends in your WhatsApp Friends List. You are now sharing any shorten URL with all your WhatsApp friends and from your 1000 WhatsApp friends when only 500 friends click on URL Shorten. Then you will earn approx. 1$ to 10$ depending upon the per click pay.

Make Money from WhatsApp Using Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful concept in Online Industry to make money online by referring online products. I think after blog and websites, WhatsApp is one of the simple and great medium to make money by affiliate marketing.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting a product or services of any brand or company and earn percentage of commission on its sale. The Affiliate Marketing company provides you a unique Affiliate URL’s of their products and services which you have to promote. For every single sale which is referred by that unique URL, you will get a commission.

To use any affiliate marketing program for making money online you need to apply to any of best affiliate marketing sites. Before starting this one thing you should keep in mind choose only those affiliate marketer or affiliate products who provide daily usage products like Fashion products, Smartphones, Laptops and a lot of other daily usage products etc. It’s because many people use it in their daily life and these have frequent sales also. You can Choose Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. as Affiliate sale.

Read Also – Step by Step Tutorial Guide to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing.

Make Money from WhatsApp using Referral Program

This is the another best and easiest method to make money from WhatsApp. Many of you quite be familiar with it and many of you used it too. Let’s see what is it?

There are a numerous Referral Program running over the internet, each and every online store, app store, online recharge apps/shops, PPI program are offering referral program. Use these program and share it with all your WhatsApp friends or WhatsApp group through your unique referral ID and you will earn some coupons, money, mobile recharge, gifts etc.

This money making method is same as Affiliate Program. You just need to join any of these online store, app download store, PPI(pay per install) program who provide this Referral Program and create your unique referral ID in it and share on WhatsApp or there instant messaging app to make money and earn some gifts.

Make Money From WhatsApp Using Paid Per Download Network (PPD)

PPD stands for Paid Per Download. The name itself describe what this program offers. The PPD is a program which allows the user to get paid when someone download the file which you have uploaded to PPD sites.

You can upload any type of files like, AVI, MP3, MP4, Documents, Images, etc. and you will be paid some amount of money by PPD Site if anyone downloads your uploaded documents from it.


Here in this web section we have seen several methods on How to Make Money from WhatsApp. hope you like it and take benefit from our work. If you have any suggestion regarding make money from WhatsApp feel free to tell us, share with us by comment in below comment box.

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  1. Your methods really tricky. Today is whatsapp trend and this is the best platform for marketing. Your tips are valuable. I appreciate your work.

  2. Your tips are good. You just have made clear how the all process performed. I want to know more about affiliate marketing. Is whatsapp benificial in doing affiliate marketing…?

  3. You have showed a great and really different way to use the WhatsApp Messenger. Really we can earn money by this strategy which you showed here. I want to know than In any Messenger we can do it or only in WhatsApp?

  4. Sir , I want know more about this earning is it possible to earn money from Facebook too same as whatsapp. Publish some tips on Facebook please so we can take help from it.

  5. if we see then there is a hidden opportunity behind everything. Firstly i thought that there must be some fake and rubbish things should be there on your site. but you have explained in a great way how to earn money from whatsapp.
    I just want to ask a question that which affiliate should i go for?

    • You can go with any Affiliate you just need to consider your friends what they like most and then go for that particular product affiliate and share it through whatsapp to them. it will increase your income. you can use Flipkart Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate program, Myntra etc…

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  10. Sir, I always been targeting with these type of messages on My whatsapp which has link in it. and Now with your blog on How to make Money From whatsapp makes me think that how stupid i was. now i will make money from whatsapp. wish me good luck friends

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