How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without Debit Card


How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without Debit Card

I have never thought that this information is that much helpful until I became a victim myself last week when I was in need of money and I went to Bank ATM and then I noticed that I forgot My ATM card at home. It was not possible for me at that time to go home and bring back the ATM card suddenly I thought of cardless cash withdrawal from atm and seriously it was the first time I used it.

Now as I experienced I know that this is the most distressing situation. Well, so here I’m going to give you very useful information on How to Withdraw Money from ATM without Debit Card in India.

Many of you might know about it and also many of you didn’t even heard about this that you can also withdraw money from ATM without ATM card. Yes, it true my friend, recently few banking organizations have introduced card-less transactions for their customers. All you need is just a mobile phone and their Adhaar card no.

How to withdraw Money from ATM without Card| Cardless cash withdrwal from ATM Machine

I know that you are thing that how’s it possible? Let’s move further and find out your query about cardless cash withdraw from ATM Machine.

What You need to do before Starting Withdraw Money from AMT without debit card

Step 1 :- User Registration

The first step is the User registration, yes you have to get register to this features. Actually all the bank customers need to mandatorily get registered in the Bank in order to entertain this benefit. The registration can be done with the help of your bank branch office or through net banking or the user may also dial the customer helpline no.

Step 2: Getting the 4-Digit MPIN

After the request for the registration, the user will receive the 4-digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). This will be served as the security code and it will work similar to that of the ATM PIN. This code will be a different code and will be passcode for Mobile-based ATM transactions only.

Step 3: Get Mobile App

After getting entire registration process completed by the Bank officials, user will be able to download the official app to make the transactions. The user will get this app through SMS, the SMS will advice the user to follow the link from there they can install the app easily.

Facilities of MPIN | Is it same as ATM card?

Now the big question comes in mind “What are the facilities we will get?” So to understand this first tell me what are the facilities that we get from regular ATM cards? Free money, anytime and anywhere isn’t it. That’s exactly what this MPIN is going to do for you in future, but it will give you these feature only when you get registered.

Users can do Intra-bank Transactions, Mobile-To-Mobile Transactions, Mobile-to-Account fund transfer and NEFT (national Electronic Funds Transfers etc.

How much Cardless Cash can be withdraw from ATM or can be Transfer per day

Nowadays near about everyone who uses ATM knows that there is a withdraw limit set for every ATM card. So what are the rules regarding this with the MPIN. To make you aware here are the details about how much money you can withdraw from MPIN in single day.

  • MPIN enables you to withdraw upto Rs. 5000/- a day.
  • Through Aimpis, found transfer limit will be Rs. 30,000/- a day.
  • With respect to SMS service, the limit is set to maximum Rs. 4000/- a day.
  • Bill payments, transaction limit will be Rs. 20,000/- a day.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without Debit card

After you get registered and received your MPIN from the bank. The next thing is to get cash without debit card or to do cardless cash withdrawal from atm. So if you have installed the application then just launch the application and type your 4-digit MPIN then click on cardless withdrwal button.

Now moving towards the next process the bank will send you an OTP through SM. This OTP will let you set another password. Do it carefully.

Choose – Cash on Mobile

Then choose cash on Mobile option displayed on ATM screen. You will be asked to enter your mobile number, then amount of money, temporary password received on your mobile and lastly a password which was generated by yourself in the required field.

After filling all the above mentioned conditions matching the verification window will close and the ATM Machine will dispensed the amount of cash you entered.

Wrap Up

This is just a beginning to a revolutionary change in the ATM history, as its new to it may take time for other banks to adapt the method. But surly in future this method is going to succeed. It will be more secure and customer will be tension free. What you think about cardless cash withdrawal from atm. We hope it will be helpful for you. Do comment us below and give your valuable opinion towards our new work on How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without Debit card.

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