1. I’m a regular reader of your blog. You just share the best genuine way to use one whatsapp account on two different smartphones. you always just stick to point i like Techontrend tips tricks.

  2. actually i am using the first method but i have to scan the qr code every time a want to use on my pc.is there is no solution to sacn onec and forget.

    • Hello Sanjay
      You just have to Open Google Chrome in your smartphone and in the top left corner tap on three dot and tick on “Desktop Site” and then open Google.com in ‘Desktop mode’ and search for Whatsapp Web and go from there you will get the QR code for scan. Actually the QR code didn’t came in Mobile mode, you have to turn on the desktop mode in the chrome web broswer.
      Hope this will help you… if you further need help then we are always here. 🙂

    • while login in to the Whatsapp you can tick mark the “keep me singed in” which will be just below the QR code and don’t logout it. then it will not be a temporary login till you can’t logout you will be singed in.

  3. I recently visited your website and got these awesome whatsapp tips. This article How to create fake whatsapp and how to use one whatsapp account on two smartphones are really worth reading. I got many of my problem solved thanks for this sir.


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