How To Use Google Translate App In Any Android App


How To Use Google Translate App In Any Android App

Google is enhancing all its application day by day. Making the user experience more reliable. Google has now updated its ‘Google Translate app to translate picture text’ and to work in any app. here we will know ‘how to translate image text in android’ and ‘how to use Google translate in any app.

What is Google Translate App?

Google translate app is an app to translate the text in any language. This app can translate over 103 languages from different countries. The users can also translate upto 60 languages without internet connection. Users can also use the camera of their smartphone to translate text into 38 languages. It will translate in real time. It has a phrasebook where you can store and save the translation for future need.

How to translate text in Android Devices?

First you need to open the Google Translate App. if not Installed first install it from Google play store. There are many ways to translate the text using Google Translate app.

First Method: Tap the Camera icon and aligning the text on printed document or any text image which you want to be translated, just point the camera on that picture or document you will see a real-time translation on screen.

Second Method: Second method is by using the microphone. For this tap on microphone icon and say the word or phrase which you wish to be translated.

Third Method: Third method is also so simple as other ones, just tap on the squiggle icon and draw the word or phrase which you want to be translated.

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How to use Google Translator app in any App

  • Launch the Google Translate app
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon which will be in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings
  • Now choose Tap to Translate
  • Enable Tap To Translate.

Now open any other app which you want. Tap and hold the text to highlight it. After highlighting now will see Google translate icon on the screen in a bubble. Tap on that icon for translation.


Here we have seen how we can easily use Google translate app in any app on android. be tuned with us for more tech tips and tricks follow us on facebook, twitter

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