How to stop iPhone & iPad Apps from Asking for ratings and reviewing


How to stop iPhone & iPad Apps from Asking for ratings and reviewing

Lots of iPhone and iPad apps asking to leave a review and ratings every time when you open or quit that app which is quite irritating. But iOS 11has fixed this issue to a great extent by limiting the frequency of these requests which was not possible in earlier iOS.

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How to stop iPhone apps from Asking for Rating

First you need to upgrade your iOS to iOS 11. iOS 11 has many benefits and this is one of it. Apple has made this official that it will reject apps that come with rating and review prompt.

In iOS 11 Apple has made few changes in settings which actually allows the users to prevent all the apps to ask you for rating or review. All the apps has their rights to ask the user for ratings and reviews, but you can change that to never to allow any app to ask for any ratings as well as reviews. Just follow these simple steps.

  • STEP 1: First go to “Settings” section of your Apple smartphone.
  • STEP 2: Now open iTunes & App Store.
  • STEP 3: Now just scroll and find out “in App Ratings & Reviews” option and turn it off.

It’s Quite Simple you have done it. Now you will never see any rating popup whenever you open or exit any app.


Above we learned how we can we stop the iPhone & iPad apps asking for rating in iOS 11. Disabling the “in-App Ratings and Reviews” option doesn’t mean that now you can’t review or rat any app. you can review and rat the app. you just need to directly open the app store and review the app which you want to review. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter for more tech news and tips & Tricks.

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