How To Send Full Resolution Photos From Whatsapp


How To Send Full Resolution Photos From Whatsapp

Today everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, this is the most popular communication app available. It receives regular updates and because of that it improved a lot. Not only messages today we can even send Photos, videos, Doc, gif and many more things.

However when the topic comes around image or photos sharing on WhatsApp many of us feel different. The reason behind this is the image quality when you share any image on WhatsApp the image resolution is reduced by three times.

Now think what’s the quality of that image now. But don’t worry here in this web tutorial we will see how to send full resolution photos from WhatsApp without compromising with the quality.

Send The Picture As A Document On WhatsApp

Its fun to know about this method. Actually we all send pictures and photos on WhatsApp using the share picture option on WhatsApp. we just tap on the attachment icon and then we just select the picture and send to our loved ones and in result of this we thought that we have sent the picture, the quality of it is reduced.

Now, The methods starts here, when you send any image as a document then the resolution didn’t change. This means the quality remains the same as original. To share image or photos in documents follow the given steps:

Step 1:- First Tap on Attachment and select documents from the options.
Step 2:- Now click on the browse other docs and then select the Images Folder.
Step 3:- Now locate the image you want to send and select it and then hit the “Send”.

How to Send Bulk Of Images in Full Resolution on WhatsApp

 Above method is good enough to send one or two photos but when you want to send more photos the this method might be not useful as it looks. Like but there is a trick to do it.

When you need to share many images via WhatsApp without losing its quality then you first have to zip it in a zip folder and then you have to attach the zip folder by following the above method. In this way you can send many high resolution pictures and photos on WhatsApp without losing the quality.


WhatsApp is the most used messaging app nowadays. And when it comes to share a picture then this is the first which will be in trend in anyone mind. And I hope this will be helpful to you to know how to send full resolution photos from WhatsApp.

Stay Tuned with TechOnTrend from more tips and tricks.

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