How to Save Whatsapp Status on Any Android Device


How to Save Whatsapp Status Images and Videos on Any Android Smartphone

In this tutorial web section you can read step by step guide to download and save whatsapp status Images and Videos on any of your android device.

In the starting of 2017 Whatsapp added a new and modified whatsapp status feature to the application. With this new whatsapp status update, the users are now allowed to share their status as photos, videos and gifs that shows for 24-hours in status area.

If one of your whatsapp friend has updated his/her whatsapp status, then it will be visible for 24-hours and you can see it by taping on contact icon but unfortunately there is no option to save it to your smartphone, this is because the whatsapp really cares about their users privacy.

But many time some such best statuses are their which seems to be downloading, so read on this tutorial web section till the end carefully because I will show you how can you download or save your friends whatsapp status to your smartphone gallery.

How to Download Whatsapp Status Photos and Videos on Android

There are number of Tricks and Methods in Android to save the whatsapp status (Photos, Videos, gifs) to android devices here we are going to see some of best and working methods and tricks.

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Save the Whatsapp Status from Hidden Whatsapp Status Folder

 Whenever you watch any of your whatsapp friend status (video, images, gifs) that media file (video, images, gifs) automatically first gets downloaded to a hidden folder and then it shows to you. That hidden folder is actually located in your internal storage. If you want to save any of your whatsapp friend status then you can manually save it by the following steps.

Whatsapp Status actually gets automatically downloaded to a hidden folder which is located in File Manager. So the solution is quite simple to download and save the whatsapp status, just follow the steps given below.

  • Open “whatsapp and Select the Status Tab and tap on any of your contact whose status you want to download.
  • Now close the whatsapp app and now open the File Manger on your android device. Every android devices has a default file manager.
  • Open it and look for Whatsapp folder in internal storage and tap on it. File Manager > Internal Storage > Whatsapp Folder
  • Now tap on Media Folder.
  • Now here comes a slight twist some of you find a folder “.Statusand some of you might not be able to see the folder. Its because this folder is actually a hidden folder. So just tap on More in Option and look for “show hidden files”. After that you will see the whatsapp status folder.
  • Next, you have to move that file to another folder to save it to your gallery by doing cut paste or copy paste.


Here we have give you a complete guide on How to Save Whatsapp Status Videos and Pictures to Your Gallery” if you have any query then ask us in comment box. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and tricks.

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