How To Play Youtube Videos in Background


How To Play Youtube Videos in Background

We all love to watch YouTube Videos and listening to songs on YouTube. But the sad thing arrives when it comes to do Multitasking while listing to your favourite song on YouTube.

Actually YouTube doesn’t allow you to use any other Apps while playing YouTube Videos if you do so then unfortunately the YouTube video you were playing will stop playing.

So, to help you in this situation and let you do multitasking, or play YouTube with screen off in android and just keeping your smartphone in pocket while listing to your favourite song on YouTube, here I will show you ‘How to Play YouTube Videos in background for Both Android as well as iOS users’.

There are many apps as well as methods available using which you can do it easily and play your favourite YouTube Music Video in Background in Both Android as well as Apple smartphones which you all knows that runs on iOS.

So here in this Article, I’m going to share How you can watch YouTube Videos in background on Android & iOS Device. So without wasting any time let’s move further and checkout How to play YouTube in background in Android and iOS.

How to Play Youtube Videos in Background?

As I above mentioned that there are many tips and tricks using which you can easily Play Youtube Videos in background. After implementing many of them I have shortlisted the best and easiest  method with the help of that you can easily play Youtube Videos in Background.

Methods to Play Youtube Videons in Background

How To Play Youtube In Background Android

I Know you have many queries in your mind, like how to play YouTube on lock screen android, play YouTube with screen off android, play YouTube in background android and many other question.

All these will get solve when you came to know how easy it is to play YouTube videos in background in Android. Lets proceed and have a look on the tutorial.

Step 1:- Download Mozilla Browser Or Google Chrome Browser from Play Store.
Step 2:- Now Open any of the above mentioned app and visit in that browser
Step 3:- Search for the Video/Music which you want to play.
Step 4:- Now just tap on ‘three dot’ on the top right corner and check on “Request Desktop Site”
Step 5:- Now, play the desired Song, and now when you minimize it of lock the screen the song will play.

(Note:- If the Music Stops, simply slide the notification bar and play the song. It will resume the song in background.)

You are done now, This is the best and easiest method through which you can Play YouTube videos with screen off and while doing multitask on your android smartphone. You only need to Request Desktop Site in the browser and you are almost done.

how to Play Youtube Videos in Background iPhone?

 Thinking about this will be harder than the above mentioned method? Sorry for that it is also as simple as the above mentioned method. As You have an idea on how you can easily play YouTube videos in background, now lets check Step by Step Guide on How to Play YouTube Videos in background on iOS.

Step 1:- First you have download Opera Mini Browser.
Step 2:- Now open the Opera Mini Browser and visit, Youtube and search for the Video you would like to play it in background.
Step 3:- Now Start Playing the video and get back to Home screen by clicking on Home Button.
Step 4:- Simply swipe up from your home screen and it will open Action center, from Action center you can Play/Push Your Youtube Video and enjoy listening to Your Favourite Music.

Done! Isn’t its simple same like what we have seen in 1st Method which was from Android. Now we will move further and have a look on How to Play YouTube Videos in background using any App.

Final Words

These were the best easiest method on How to Play YouTube Videos in background. There are many methods available for Playing YouTube Videos in background but here i have shared the best among all.

If you are from US you can enjoy YouTube Red Subscription for $9.99 or you can also use these methods to save your $9.99.
Hope you liked our do comment us below if you have any query

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