How To Password Protect Excel File


How To Password Protect Excel File

Are you looking to password protect an Excel File then you are at the right place. Here we are going to share top 3 working and easy method on How to password protect Excel File? Whether you use Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, this method will work for all of them.

Nowadays, Data is Money. So, it is very much important to secure your data. It doesn’t matter whether you work on any file, folder or any of the Microsoft product, you should always create a password protected excel worksheet. It doesn’t matter whether you work on Windows PC, or any Mac you might be using Excel Document. Microsoft Office excel is used by everyone, weather you work for a school or any organization the Microsoft excel is used by everyone.

The best way to secure your excel spredsheet data is by using its inbuilt password protect feature, but before moving further, here are few thing to remember.

Remember These Things while Password Protecting an Excel File

  • Anyone having a access to the password can easily access your Excel Document and that person can also modify or remove the password protection.
  • If you forget or lost your password, you cannot recover the document file. You can use any third party software to recover but with the help of excel you can’t recover as it doesn’t have password recovery option.
  • The password can’t be cracked easily but there are many tools for that, so it is recommended that you should use strong password.

How to Password Protect Excel File

Here we will be sharing three different method to password protect your Excel File.

Method 1

How to Password Protect Excel File in Excel 2010

  1. First you have to open your Excel Document which you want to protect by password.
  2. From the left top corner, just Click on File then Click on
  3. Now, Under Permissions, Click on Encrypt with Password.
  4. Now, a pop a dialog box will appear, Enter the password which you want to set the Excel Document.
  5. After entering the password, just click on Ok and then you will be asked to enter the password again to confirm. Now, You have Password Protected Excel File without software.
  6. Now save the Excel document.

You are Done, with the help of this simple step you can easily put password on Excel File to Password Protect Excel 2010 and even you can Password Protect Excel 2013 with the same steps.

Method 2

How to Protect Excel File with Password in Excel 2007 without software?

  1. First you need to open the Excel Document which you want to Lock.
  2. Now go to top left corner and click on File the Save As.
  3. Click on Tools drop down option and select General Options.
  4. Now a pop up dialog box will appear, here you can set two password, one to open the workbook and the another to modify the workbook.
  5. Enter one or both the password and click on Ok and you will be asked again to enter the passwords.
  6. Renter the password and click on OK
  7. Now enter the file name and save it.

You are done, with this simple and easy step you can password protect Excel File 2007. Once you lock the document you can only access via using your password. This method can also be used in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.

Method 3

How To Put Password in Excel Using Third Party Software

Above mentioned methods are the best to easily lock excel document. But if you didn’t want to use the above mentioned then you can try this method also.

This method is also use to double the protection layer. if the data contained in the Excel document is more sensitive then you can use this method to double lock your excel file. You just have to first use any of the above mentioned method then use this method to double the lock to your Excel Document.

When the things came around locking Folder or File, there are many tools and password protecting, locking software available on the internet. You can use any of them to lock your desired file and folder.

Here We are going to show you step by step guide to password protect excel file with software. We will be using Winrar to set password on Excel File.

  1. Firstly Download Winrar Software and install in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Now Just select the Excel file which you want to lock with password and just right click and select Add to Archive from the popup right click menu.
  3. Now click on Set Password.
  4. Now, Enter the password you want to set and renter the same password for verification.
  5. Now click on Ok. You are all done.


This Web section was on How to password Protect Excel Document, here we have mentioned the best 3 working methods on how to password protect a file in Excel. Apart from this all there are many third party software available on internet for this but here we have mention the best of all.

Don’t forget t read the above mentioned Guideline and thing to remember before protecting any excel file with password because if you lose the password you will not able to recover the data.

So this is all for now, hope you liked our work, don’t forget to give your feedback in the below comment area. Stay tuned with TechOnTrend for more Tips and Tricks.

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