How To Increase Internet Speed On Android Smartphone


How To Increase Internet Speed On Android Smartphone

We can’t expect our internet connection at a rocket speed every time.  Its common to get a slower 4G or 5G internet speed. A slower internet speed is really irritation no one from us likes it. but we can fix it by changing some stuff in our android device.

Sometimes there is a need for manually changing some stuff on your smartphone to make it a better device for you. Here in this web tutorial we are going to see how to increase or speed-up internet speed on android smartphones.

How To Speed Up Android Phone Internet Connection

There are many ways available on internet to speed up the net connection of your android device. here I will show you some best and practiced methods to increase the speed of browsing the internet on Android smartphone.

Here are the top three methods to give a boost to your internet speed on your android smartphone.

Install Internet Booster App Or Performance Boosting App For Android

Our smartphone carry a lot of junks files which actually creates lagging issue in our smartphone and this effect the smoothness of Android UI and internet speed also. With the help of performance enhancer apps like internet booster this problem can be reduced. There are alot of performance enhancer application available on google playstore. You can also try Clean Master and DU Speed Booster this will clean the junk files and free the RAM to have better browsing experience.

Check The Network Setting To Boost Internet Speed

If you are facing the slow internet regularly then it’s the time to check the network setting of your device. To check the network setting just Go to “Settings” and Then Go To “Mobile Network Settings” and check on which network your smartphone is running, make sure your smartphone is running on GSM, WCDMA or LTE. Make your smartphone on automatic network selection mode.

Use A Faster Web Browser To Increase Internet Speed On Android Device

It’s the third method to increase the internet speed on your smartphone. Browsing through a faster web browser automatically speedup the net speed of your android smartphone. Android users have a plenty of third party web browser option to install and use. The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome, UC Web browser, Opera Mini. Just go through any of these.


Here I have given tips on how you can speed up the internet in any android device. note one think that these method won’t make your android smartphone internet connection runs at 5G or 10G speed. It will make you internet connection smoother then before and you will be able to enjoy a faster net on your android device. Stay connected with TechOnTrend to get more tech Tips.

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