How To Erase Data From Lost Phone


How to Delete data from lost android smartphone

Sometimes we accidentally lose our smartphone or tablet or these devices get stolen from us. Situation should be different but in any situation and condition we all know what our smartphone contains many things these days. From personal contacts, memories to our personal bank details and IDs and passwords and many other sensitive personal/official data. Many times we get to track the device and got it. But in some condition when its not possible to get back the lost phone then we wish if our data get deleted then it will be fine.

Condition and situation should differ person to person, however today here we will guide you on how to erase or delete the content and lock the device.

How To Erase Data From Lost Phone

Today here in this web tutorial guide we are going to do the above mentioned process through Find My Device which is actually by default ON for all android devices it is a Google service. In order to use it your android device should be on and sing in to a Google account, and connected to any data, or wifi connection.

Once you get your lost smartphone listed in “Find My Device” list. Then you will be able to see the last active location of your device you can easily track it and also you can erase the entire data and lock your smartphone. to do the same here are step-by-step guide.

Step 1:- First Visit on any chrome web browser
Step 2:- Sign into your Gmail account. (Note :-you need to login the same Gmail account which you have login in the android smartphone which you lost or stolen)
Step 3:- Now it will show you all the devices which you have used. Select the device which is stolen.
Step 4:- After selecting the device it will show the device on map. You can see the device exact last location of the device
Step 5:- Now there will be some option in the left side of the screen – Sound, Lock and Earse.

If you tap on SOUND, then it will ring your device at full volume for 5 minutes, even if the device is set to silent or vibrate mode. If you tap on LOCK, then it will lock your device with your PIN, pattern or password. and you can also add recovery message or phone number to lock screen of that device. If you tap on ERASE, then it will delete and erase everything from your device or in simple words it just reset the smartphone by deleting every data app, documents everything.


Here in this web tutorial we have given the best and practiced method to erase/delete data from your lost smartphone. If you have any problem regarding this then please comment in below comment box we will be happy to solve it.

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