How to Download and Install Google Camera in OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro


Every tech and new smartphone lovers are well known about the OnePLus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. These are the premium smartphone from OnePlus with decent pricing, especially the OnePlus 7 which cost INR 32,999 for the base variant whereas the OnePLus 7 Pro base variant comes with a price tag of INR 48,999.

OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Issue

The OnePlus 7 series smartphone comes with a great hardware specs and offers a great performance and features at a cheaper price point, but camera is something which is something below what we desired. Last year users has many users has claimed about the camera, so this year they has implemented the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor for the primary camera on both the device.

To enhance the Camera performance for both the devices to increase its performance close to Google Pixel 3 or Huawei P30 Pro, there is an easy solution. And the solution is known as Google Camera, also known as G Cam. Actually this isn’t the real Google camera or made by Google, it’s just a modified version that is not made by Google directly. This app uses the Google’s image processing algorithm paired with main camera of your device.

So let’s move further and see how to download the G Cam on OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 pro and enhance the camera.

How to Download and Install Google Camera (G CAM) on OnePlus 7

Step 1 :- First Download the APK file of the Google Camera for the OnePlus 7 ( Link will be given at the end of the article )

Step 2 :- Now install this Application in your OnePlus Smartphone (this is the best mod available for the OnePlus 7). When you install this application, it will ask you to enable “Install apps from external sources”. Enable this and install the APK file.

Step 3 :- Once this app get installed you will see two options : “Done” and “Open”

Step 4 :- Now launch the Google camera app on your OnePlus 7 and visit setting panel.

Step 5 :- In the setting section just tap on ‘Advanced’ within ‘Mod Settings’ and click on ‘FIX’. Now here you have to change the viewfinder format to YUV.

Step 6 :- Restart the app and Start taking Great pictures with your OnePlus 7

How to Download and Install Google Camera (G CAM) on OnePlus 7 Pro

Installing the Google Camera on OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro is not similar to what steps we have taken in OnePlus 7. Its little different let’s see how to download and Install G CAM in OnePlus 7 Pro.

Step 1 :- First Download the APK File of the Google Camera for OnePlus 7 Pro (link will be given at the end of the article). For OnePlus 7 Pro with the Google Camera you will also need a config file, the download link for the config file will also be given at th end of the article.

Step 2 :- Now install the APK file of the Google Camera on your OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone.

Step 3 :- Once installed open the G CAM app and scroll to more, tap on ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘General Option’. Now tap on ‘Save Settings’ and a pop-up window will appear to enter the configs name. Type any random name what you want and click on save. Actually this will create a new folder of that name in the root directory of your storage named ‘GCAM’.

Step 4 :- now go to file manager and copy the config file which we have mentioned above to download and paste that .xml file to the ‘Configs’ folder which will be in the GCAM folder created in the above step.

Step 5 :- delete the config file which is already present in the configs folder.

Step 6 :- Now just open the G CAM app and tap on the black area between the stutter button and menu button, when you click on that area a pop-up will appear showing the downloaded config file, click on restore button and exit the Google Camera app.

Step 7 :- Now Restart the Google camera App start taking great pictures.

Download Link :-
Download the Google Camera (GCAM) Apk for OnePlus 7
Download the Google Camera (GCAM) Apk for OnePlus 7 Pro
Download the Google Camera (GCAM) Config file for OnePlus 7 Pro

This is all, now enjoy taking great images with the help of Google Camera from your OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. Stay tuned with us to get more tips and tricks on upcoming smartphones.

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