• Same process as you followed from the first step to last.
      but if you uninstall the app or generate another number then the whatsapp number which you generated earlier will get close after some time. and you will not be able to login to that old number account again.

  1. Assalam o laikum Adil Anwar sir i give the number for varification but it showing number is banned
    i have tried many times bt same issue all numbers are showing banned
    i have used text now and 2ndline app but please tell me

    i want to creat one account of uk number

  2. Wow really great to read this article. i was pranked by a US number whatsapp. now i cam to know that how they created that. thanks for this article

  3. Really great to know that fake whatsapp can also be created. I used the app you have mentioned as you told after using 5 to 10 numbers i got the verification sms and then my fake whatsapp with us number get created. Thanks for this awesome article sir.

    • it is because you might have tried more times thats why it showing this message. wait for the given time or just uninstall and clear the cache and again install it and try.


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