How to Change Name on TrueCaller


How to change name on truecaller

TrueCaller is the most usefull application for smartphone. With the help of this application today we can easily get to see the Caller ID details of any unknown number who is calling us. This app helps us in getting details of unknown numbers. This app is also very useful in tracking the spam calls.

When someone calls you then TrueCaller shows the name of the person and location even if that number is not saved in your contacts of the smartphone. But sometimes this application also shows you a wrong name, so here in this web section we are going to learn how to change or correct the wrong name in truecaller database.

Reason Behind the TrceCaller Showing a Wrong Name

First you should know that TrueCaller uses crowd sourcing to give the information. Actually TrueCaller gathers name and other information from the phone books of the smartphones in which truecaller app has been installed. For Example if your name is John and you work at any Currier service company.

Then it is possible that any of your customers might saved your name as John Currier in their phonebook. Now when TrueCaller will gather this information from many phonebooks then it will assume that this number will belong to John Currier and it will show it as John Currier.

Also, if your current number previously belongs to someone or you have purchased a new number which was previously belonged to any other person, then also the TrueCaller may be carrying the old information.

So over all here we have two main reason of TrueCaller for showing your name wrong.

  1. A lot of people have saved your name wrong in their phone book.
  2. You have acquired a new number which might belong to someone else and the Truecaller database haven’t updated yet, the Truecaller data base still showing the old information.

How To Change Name On Truecaller Database

There are a lot of methods rendering on internet regarding the topic ‘How to change name on Truecaller database’ but there are two different genuine methods which works fine. Let’s have a closer look to both the methods

Method 1

The Best way to fix the wrong name issue on TrueCaller database is to install the TrueCaller app on your smartphone.

1.First Download and install TrueCaller
2. Now the app will verify you through automated call or some time with OTP SMS.
3. After the verification Process, launch the TrueCaller app and tap on three line on the top left corner
4. Now Click on Edit Profile
5. Now here you have to fill the correct information. Fill it and save it

After saving the information you are done. Now TrueCaller will update your information and it will also remove all the old information from their database.

Method 2

TrueCaller also proved a Name suggestion feature. You can go to TrueCaller name suggestion page and suggest a name for a particular phone number.

First you need to visit the TrueCaller Name Suggestion web page. When you visit it you will see a similar option as shown in the below image.

You have to put the number and then the first name and last name and then submit it. when you submit it, this information goes to TrueCaller staff and they will first verify thus information and then they will update it if the provided information is correct.

As you can see that this process does not verify you as the owner of the number, anyone can do it, so whenever you make the suggestion first it goes to truecaller staff they use to verify it weather the provided suggestion is correct or not. After the verification if they found that the suggestion is incorrect they will not update the information.


So this is how you can change the name on Truecaller database. Both the methods take time to be reflected, so have patience. If you have any questions related to this topic ‘How to change name on truecaller’ then feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment area, we will try our best to solve your problem.

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  1. If truecaller shows my detail wrong then if i will make a truecaller account then the problme will solve or not it will shiw the correct information or it will show the last data

  2. I didn’t use truecaller. but my name shows on truecaller. i have suggested name change from my friends truecaller account but now also its showing the wrong name what should i do sir

    • Just Download the TrueCaller App in your smartphone and create a TrueCaller profile with correct information. then whenever anyone search for your number then your correct detail will be shown to them.


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