How To Block Text On Android Smartphone


How To Block Text On Android Smartphone

Hello Readers we all send and receive many text messages daily some messages are from our friends, some are from family and some messages are from advertising companies who are offering some services and much more. Today Many of us For some reasons, you may want to block text messages from a specific person or you may want to block the spam messages from different numbers you are getting, here with this article we will show you that how to block text on android Smartphone.

There are three different methods to block text messages on Android Smartphone. First one is by using the stock android messaging app seconds one is by using any third party apps and the last one is by talking to carrier assistance. Here we will discuss about every single method briefly so stay tuned with us.

Method 1 : Block Text Messages Using Phone Setting.

The first method is by using Phone Setting. This can be done in the stock Messaging app of any android smartphone. So First let’s see what’s the android messing app. Android Messaging app is preinstalled default messing app in any android Smartphone which we get in any devices or we can say that this is the general app which is given in any android handset to use messaging service.

Friends you will be able to use this method depending on the Android Version your device is running. The method which is given here is updated it will work on Android 4.4 KitKat or above. This method is the simplest method to block text messages on your android device.

Here is what you have to do to block text messages by using Android messaging app:

  • In your Inbox, find the message which you have received from the unwanted number.
  • Tap and hold the finger on that message some option will appear on the screen.
  • From the popup option select Add to Spam/ Add to Block List.
  • Chose Add to Spam/Add to Block List
  • Again a new popup option will appear to Click OK on this.

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Method 2 : By Using Third Party Apps

The second option is for blocking the texts messages in any Android is to download and install any Third party apps from Google Play store. What you have to do is to go to Google Play Store search for the Apps.

Here we have shortlisted one decent App with the help of those you can block messages in your android Smartphone:

Block Text Messages Using Truecaller

Truecaller is a decent and cool Android app which is really popular among android. This is a highly recommended app. This is not just a message blocking app you can also use this app to block unknown/spam calls. This App comes with many amazing and exciting features. This app has an amazing plugins which will show you from whom you are getting message. You can see name and picture of that person.

It is quite easy to use Truecaller. Just read and follow the step-by-step guide and within few minutes you will be able to block all the unwanted SMS and calls on your android Smartphone.

Step 1 : Download & Install Truecaller App
It is quite easy to download and install the Truecaller App. Just go to Google Play store in your android Smartphone. Search for TrueCaller Install the App.

Step 2 : Setup Your Profile
After Installing open the TrueCaller app and now it will ask you to setup your profile. If you have any facebook , Twitter or Google+ Account then directly tap on the related option and sign-up. After sing-up truecaller will asked you to fill Name, email etc.

Step 3 : Verify Your Phone Number
The next step is to verify your number.

Step 4 : Block the Spam No.
Open the truecaller app Locate the number in the app click on the unwanted no which you want to block a new screen will come showing the no. ID. Now go the lesft sidebar and select block from scroll down list.

Method 3 : Carrier Assistance

In this method you can visit the official website of your carrier. And look up for the page to block text messages. In many telecom companies you can easily find but in case if can find then contact your carrier for the assistance, they will help you and block that no. on your behalf for you. Some telecom companies give this service free but some may charge some amount to give you this service. So before saying them block any number for you first ask them for the charges and then say your problem.

Today our Lifestyle is getting so busy. And near about everyone has a Smartphone. Everyone has connected through it. But many times when any messages arrive many of us use to ignore it by thinking that it may from any advertising company, or may be spam but that message may be from our loved one it may be from your son, daughter, mom, wife, friend anyone who really in need of yours. Thanks to these settings Now we can focus on our work and also take care of our loved ones.



Thanks for your pesence, Hope you like it. If you have any query or confusion then please comment in the comment section below we are always here to help you. If you like it don’t forget to give us a like and a share so that many of us can take the benefit of it.

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