How to Activate Dark Mode in Instagram on Android


How to Activate Dark Mode in Instagram on Android – Dark mode is getting more and more popular these days. Many apps comes with dark mode option and the release of Android 10 has also given a boost to it. The users who has Android 10 OS in their smartphone can easily convert the UI into dark mode.

This is also one case for older version of Android but some apps now offer the functionality. Instagram is one of the latest app that takes the step by integrating this dark mode for their users.

How to activate dark mode on Instagram?

Recently we have seen that Twitter, Youtube and Messenger has release the dark mode in their app and now Instagram has rolled out the dark mode update.

The drak mode allows the user to enjoy a less bright environment at night and rest your eyes more. If you have smartphone with an AMOLED display, it also saves a little energy too.

Let’s move further and see how to activate Instagram dark mode on Android

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How to Activate Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Activating on Android 10

It’s really simple and easy, you just need to follow the given steps to activate Instagram’s dark mode on Android 10.

Go to Settings > Display > Dark Mode to activate it

Open Instagram and you’re done, just enjoy Instagram in dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Instagram on Andorid
Pic Credit – AndroidPit

Activating on Android 9

Before proceeding to this step, first check that you have the latest version of Instagram installed in your smartphone or not. if not then first update it from Google Play Store.

Step : 1 – Open Instagram and Click on the icon of your profile at the bottom right.
Step : 2 – Then click on Settings at the top right corner and select settings in the drop down menu.
Step : 3 – Now tap on Themes then select Dark and you are done enjoy dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Instagram on Andorid
Pic Credit – AndoridPit

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