How To Hide Apps On Android


How To Hide Apps On Android

Hello Readers, many of us use to suffer a minor panic attack when they hand their Smartphone to someone and then realize how sensitive their files are (documents, images, emails, bank account apps etc) on their device.

It’s common to get worried about this. Because as Smartphone’s had made our daily routine easy we are controlling our identity with our smartphone easily. Think if someone had used your smartphone for a while and get your identity details what he/she can do it with your handset. They can able to text people make calls, they can post your sensitive pictures to facebook or social site, they can also get access your bank accounts and make purchase with your bank account on your name. They can do anything which is possible by your smartphones. we have just listed some actions which we usually do with our handset under this web section of how to hide apps on android.

Sometimes we got some sensitive images or documents which we can’t want to be seen by any other person. But when our friend or relative ask for the smartphone we also can’t refuse to give.

Whatever the reason is, here you will get all the solutions. There are plenty of options by which you can hide sensitive content on your handset. here we are going to look on different type of solution to hide apps, picture on handset. Be tuned with us and know how to hide apps in android without using any software, many of us think that launchers are the best way to hide apps or files so we will be seeing its disadvantages and we will look on how to hide apps on android without launcher and how to hide apps on android without rooting.

How To Hide Apps In Android Without Software

To hiding apps already there are plenty of tricks and apps are available on internet. But today we are going to see how we can hide apps on our android without using any apps.

  1. First of all Go To System Setting.
  2. Tap on Application
  3. Now Tap on Application Manager (in easy word open setting and go to application manager)
  4. Tap the All Tab
  5. Tap on the application which you want to hide
  6. Click on Disable

Sometimes many apps which are not of any use get pre installed in Smartphone from the company itself. And we can’t uninstall those apps for that this method also works. You can hide those irritating apps using this trick.

Best App To Hide Apps

Hiding apps by using some third party app is also easy

How to hide files on android

Many of Android Handset doesn’t have any option in their UI to hide stuff like images and apps. For this many people download different launchers or apps to hide apps or any files. No matter what you are looking for launcher or any specific app to solve your issue. In both the case you are just going to use third party app to solve this issue. We will be taking about the best and most secure apps for this.

A best and popular app for this task is FILE HIDE Expert. This app is free to download. It is a powerful and easy to use privacy protection app. it can hide any file or folder or app on your device within seconds. To get this app you just need to download it from Google Play Store.

How to Use File Hide Expert

When you open this app you will receive message indicating that the hidden file list is empty. Don’t worry; just Tap the folder icon in the top-right of the screen to start hiding files. This app works like a basic file management app. locate your file which you want to hide you can also hide entire folder.

After that come to main screen. From here check your list of files to be hidden and tap on hide all. after that you will not be able to access the files in any of the browser in your Smartphone.

To get access back just pen File Hide expert select all the file and tap on restore. App files will be restored to same place where they are.

Is your content are save? Of course this will keep your content safe by a password protection.

Download File Hide Expert From Google Play


We hope that now you may understand how to hide apps on your android Smartphone by using different methods. There are plenty of apps and methods which is used for this purpose but here we have listed some of the easiest one. Let us know if we have missed any other app or method you might want to see in this web-section then feel free to tell us.

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