Got Plagiarism in your Assignment? Here’s how you can Eliminate it!


According to the editage insights, plagiarism below 15% is allowed and acceptable by many educational institutes or even for journals.

And 25% plagiarism is considered very high but things are not over here!

Undoubtedly, lower than 15% is allowed but for all of the plagiarized text found in a single section or the same block of the content, you’ll surely get a penalty.

Then how can we prepare our assignments while considering the above-mentioned plagiarism percentage in focus?

It is way very simple if you go for the right approach.

Right approaches to eliminate plagiarism

You can go for several approaches or strategies to avoid or remove plagiarism but we have shortlisted some easy and common of them.

  1. Use your own words.
  2. Cite the sources.
  3. Go for quotations.
  4. Use an online plagiarism fixer.
  5. Make a reference list.

After following all the above-mentioned steps, make sure to check your assignments with an accurate plagiarism checker and get an authentic plagiarism report.

Here are some good plagiarism checkers to consider:


The above-mentioned steps may somehow be new or unknown to many people so, we are going to explain them in detail.

5 Easy and best ways to get rid of plagiarism

You’ll get what you want to read, have a look below.

1.Use your own words

Using your own words doesn’t mean you don’t need any research or you have to completely go with your own but it actually means converting the text into your words.

Add some ideas and your personal opinions to make your assignments more credible and unique.

We have concluded the steps to present your own words.

  • Search for your topic.
  • Read from multiple sources.
  • Note down the main points or create an outline.
  • Make sentences on your own while using the main points.
  • Get back to the original source and make sure you’ve used the same intent or not.

In this way, you can surely prepare your assignments on your own and you’ll not get any plagiarism not even 15% for sure.

2. Cite the sources

This is one of the most commonly used approaches in academic documents like assignments, project reports, and thesis reports as well.

But first of all, you have to make sure which citation style suits the intent of your writing because there are three most common styles of citations and all of them are listed below.


This citation style is commonly used in the content related to the field of humanities and stands for Modern Language Association.


APA is an abbreviation for American Psychological Association and is mostly used for citing the sources of education, psychology, and sciences.


If you are writing for fine arts, history, or business then the Chicago citation style is perfect and recommended.

You can also generate all the three citation styles using a citation generator as there are many available on the internet.

3. Go for quotations

Using quotations is another way to make your reader clear about what you’ve copied from a source.

And this technique can also save you from getting charged for using plagiarized text. Luckily, there are many plagiarism checkers that ignore quotations while checking the content’s duplication.

It is way very simple to use quotations but still, we have mentioned the right way to use them in your assignments.

For example:

According to (Publisher’s or Writer’s name), “Mention the statement you have copied.”

Here’s how you can use quotations and increase your credibility by giving credits to the original publisher or writer.

4.Use an online plagiarism fixer

It can be difficult for some people to follow the above-mentioned steps due to the shortage of time, what they can do?

They can simply use a plagiarism fixer to remove all the plagiarism from their assignments or any other content.

A plagiarism fixer can make the content unique by adding relevant synonyms and this approach is considered the easiest and effortless.

All you need is to proofread the text as soon as this tool provides you with the text and you’re done preparing your assignment.

Here’s the best way to use the online plagiarism fixer.

  • Find out the relevant data for your topic.
  • Search for the best and most authentic fixer.
  • Upload the data you’ve found from the outsourcing.
  • Get the final and unique text.

Now, it must be clear that using this tool for eliminating plagiarism is very easy.

5. Make a reference list

It is recommended to keep track of your sources from where you have copied even a single statement and add the sources to the reference list.

This reference list must be added at the end of the assignments.

The more you add references, the more it will be beneficial but don’t add the sources from where you don’t copy anything.

Check for plagiarism before submitting your assignment

There’s the only way to check plagiarism is by using a plagiarism checker. This tool is specifically used to highlight the plagiarized text in the content.

Secondly, it is sometimes instructed by the institutes to add the plagiarism report of any authentic plagiarism checker.

So, you need to search for a plagiarism checker with percentage and upload your final assignment file to check the duplication.

Once you’re done checking plagiarism, you need to download the report and attach it to your assignment.

In short, checking your assignments before submitting them is very important and the only way is to use a plagiarism checker.


It is not a big deal to get plagiarism because it is quite obvious that if you are writing assignments with proper research, you must get plagiarism.

But the important thing is to remove that plagiarism and that’s why we have shared the common and easy ways to get rid of plagiarism.

You can have a look at them.

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