Google Pixel 4 to Feature Soli-Powered Face Unlock & Motion Sense Gestures


Google is all set to launch its next Pixel phone. The Company has started to make its hype for the Pixle 4 smartphone. few weeks back they posted a teaser image of the Pixle 4 smartphone and now they have posted a small Video. Google has made two major Pixel 4 announcements through that video – radar based hands-free gestures which can help to perform a wide array of tasks on its flagship and hardware-backed face unlock.

Apart from this the teaser video posted by Google has also confirmed tow major design aspect which was also in rumors from last couple of weeks, the handset will come with thick bezels at the top and the Pixel 4 smartphone will also have the two-tone button color scheme.

Apart from the Video teaser, in an official blog post, Google Pixel product manager Brandon Barbello has revealed that Google Pixel 4 will support the face unlock and hands-free gestures which is called as Motion Sense. But the Pixel phone will not only use the front camera for face unlock, but it has equipped with dedicated hardware a la Apple’s Face ID for more secure face unlock. All that work with a conjunction with a radar-based system called Soli, this system was in development at Google from a half decade and finally they are going to implement in Google Pixel 4 smartphones.

The Soli Radar Chip on the upcoming Google Pixel 4 will work in tandem with Software algorithms to recognise hand gestures and will detects when users are nearby. Google called these gestures Motion Sensor, it will let the user to control music playback, silence phone calls and snooze alarm among other tasks by just waving their hand in front of the phone. it is also mentioned that this feature will only be available in some countries.

Coming towards the privacy which is the biggest question in today’s world, Google has said that the face data will stays on the device only, similar to Apple’s approach. Barbello said that “Face unlock uses facial recognition technology that is processed on your device, so that image data never leaves your phone.” he further added that the images used for the face unlock will never saved or shared with any other Google services.” The Soli sensor data will also be only kept on smartphones and it will also not shared with any other Google services.

Google has announced the two major feature of the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone but till now the company has not revealed the launch date of the Google Pixel smartphone, but it is expected to be in October. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on Google Pixel 4 smartphones.

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