Google Pixel 4 Could come with Infrared Front Camera and 16MP Dual Rear Camera


Recently Google has confirmed through a teaser that the upcoming Google Pixel series smartphone will be having two rear facing cameras. but after that the biggest question arrived in all Pixel smartphone fans is that what will be the configuration of those sensors and which type of lens it will have in the second sensor.

So here we have a great news for those users, a Code from the Google camera app in a leaked Android Q bets 5 seems to suggest that the second camera on the Pixel 4 smartphone will be a telephoto lens which will be used for optical zoom, apart from that the code further revealed that it might also have an infrared (IR) front facing camera, most likely for face unlock.

The Mountain View gaint is all scheduled to release six public beat version of its upcoming Android OS which is simply calling as Android Q for now. Recently they released Android Q beta 5, some of the users has received and some of the users are yet to receive. This beta includes a new Google Camera app v6.3. XDA Developers has got down checking the codes of this new APK and get the clue about the Pixel 4 and because of that these information’s came in light.

While scanning the code, the developer has spotted some changes to ‘sabre’ which is actually a Google’s internal codename for its Super Res Zoom feature. Here two new sensors ID immediately stood out one is for front facing camera where as the other is for rear facing camera, both the ID’s weren’t present in the previous version of the APK. These Ids were “front IR” and “rear telephoto”.

It is being Assumed that the “IR” in the first ID refers to infrared, this could include that the Pixel 4 will be having a third lens on front facing camera along with regular and wide angle front camera sensor. the other ID hints at the second rear camera sensor having a telephoto lens instead of wide-angle lens. This would let the Pixel 4 to capture a better zoomed pictures with great quality.

Stay tuned with us to get more updates on Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

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