Top 5 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android


5 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android

Best Parental Control apps are very useful today because kids are becoming web and internet friendly these days. They use to play games, watch videos on YouTube and on websites, learn vocabulary, search for meanings of tough words and do math exercises all online.

But some of the kids friendly websites which is visit by the kids may be opening doors to the adult contents which parents don’t want them to visit or watch. As of now the most used and common medium to go online are the Smartphone’s and tablets. And here we will see the 5 best free parental control apps for android.

Use and Benefits of Parental Control Applications

These apps are useful in many ways. With a parental control apps installed you will be able to monitor your kids online activities and make sure that they are using the android device in the way they are supposed to be.

Many of these application allows the user to put restrictions on online websites they can explore, it will also help in monitoring of their call usage and messages, many of these app also help you in selecting apps that the kids are allowed to access and use and the time they are allowed to spend on their devices.

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Here are the best free parental control apps that will help you to track your kids activities and by that you can protect your kids from the internet bad side.

  1. Family Time Parental Controls & Screen Time App

The Family Time Parental Controls and Screen Time app is the best and most powerful parental control apps for android. It allows parents to monitor and manage their kids Android device by many ways. It has many excellent features which are mentioned below. This application comes in two variant one is for kids and the other one is for parents.

These two separate versions is actually allows the parent to monitor and manage their kids time remotely. This application provides a dashboard. Parents can access the dashboard from mobile as will as laptop and from the dashboard they can view all the reports of their kid’s contacts, call logs, bookmarks, installed apps, location, web history and many other option are available.

One more feature is there in this application that you can remotely lock their phone at anytime so your kids cannot use their Smartphone. It helps at study time J . You can easily add profile and customize and make different setting for each of your kids.

Other Key Features:

  • Daily Limit (Limit Screen Time) – This feature will calculate the daily app usage limit on kid’s device. As the time get consumed the apps will get blocked for the rest of the day.
  • App Blocker – remotely block unwanted apps and games on your kids smartphone
  • Track sms – remotely monitor what they talk and when and to whom they send or receive sms
  • SOS alert- receive sos alert from your c=kids with full location
  • Pick me up – get a pick me up alert from your children with complete location when it’s the time to pick up.
  • Places Mobile Geo-Fence – Remotely monitor their real time location.

  1. Kid’s Shell – Kid Safe Launcher

Kids Shell is a famous and excellent parental control app for Android devices. This app is actually developed to make parents Smartphone or tablet safe for children. With the help of this application you can create a safe environment by choosing application that your kids are allowed to run or to use on your android Smartphone or tablet. One more thing is there if you have not selected the dial and messaging app then your kids are not allowed to even call or text anyone.

Actually it created a secure place where only those apps are listed which you have chosen. Your kids will not be able to click on adds or make any online purchase, they can’t even leave the space or shell created by the Kids Shell, this app is protected by a password which is also be used to came out for the shell.

Other Key Features

  • Numeric Password for both parent mode and exit.
  • Locked home button.
  • You can approve 48 applications in the shell or workspace.

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  1. Kids Zone Parental Controls

This is another best Parental Control app for android which allows you to create a different profile for your kid on your android Smartphone or tablet. And in the profile which you create for your kid is protected by a secret password which will prevent him ir her from changing the restriction. You can choose application which are allowed to use by your children.

With this Kids Zone parental control application your children will be unable to install apps or make any online purchase or any app purchase. This also features the time limit function by which you can set time out for application and device. In which as soon as time is out the device will get locked and your children will be no longer get access to the gadget.

You can also block phone calling, text messaging and by this way you can also prevent them from accessing the Internet.

There is a Pro Version available on Google Play store which features to give you the ability to create individual profiles for each of your kids.

Other Key Features

  • You can create a custom pin to unlock the app preference as will to unlock your device.
  • It removes the default pin so kids can’t unlock the device.
  • Kid’s Zone analyzes application in your phone for kid-friendly apps.

  1. Screen Time Parental Control

As this term is repeated many time in the above web section. I think you many analyzed what this application is for. As the name itself suggests this parental control apps lets you to manage the time your kids spend on your Android device. You can track all the application and games which is accessed by your kids and also the time spent on each of these apps. It has a unique feature that you can block certain apps on certain time, for example you can block only games at bed times and allow the reading apps.

Other key Features

  • Time Limits – Set a Daily time limit on all selected application you want to restrict.
  • Pause & Play – you can use your phone or tablet to pause your children device or you can also give Bonus time to use.

  1. Kids Place – Parental Control

This is another Parental Control Apps for Android Device. Kids Place Parental Control Application is unique in its own way, it comes with parental controls and child lock feature which protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved. It also prevent children from downloading new apps from playstore, making calls or texting anyone or any other activity which need payment.

Other Key Features

  • Add Custom wallpaper
  • Timer features for apps
  • Support Multiple Profile.

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As we all know that today kids are becoming internet and mobile friendly which is good as well as bad. Here are the best parental control apps for android which will help you to give a better vision to your kids by controlling and monitoring there mobile usage. If you have any question then don’t forget to ask us by comment in the comment box.

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