How to Find & Delete your Call and SMS data collected by Facebook


How to Find & Delete your Call and SMS Data Collected by Facebook and Prevent it from Doing So

A big controversy is going on about Facebook that the social media giant Facebook is accused of collection call history, contact information and SMS data from Android devices. The Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg has himself confirmed this action in a public post.

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While this all is being done by online process, Facebook has clearly reveled this, that they are collecting the user data in order to improve the user experience, and the facebook also made it clear that they does not sell the data or share the date with any third party apps or organizations. Also the company claimed that they do not collect the content of calls or text messages gathered from the android devices they only collect the logs and history.

Now I think that everyone is quite understand that the facebook is collecting the calls and SMS details of Android Users who uses facebook in their smartphone. So the next question is arises to know that what data has been gathered by the facebook and how should we prevent the same from happening. Here we in this tutorial I will make clear everything.

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Know what data has been collected by Facebook from Your Android device

To know what data has been collected by facebook from your android device is very simple but not so easy. So follow these simple steps carefully.

Step 1:- Click on this link from the desktop.
Step 2:- When you click on the above link then that will open “General Account Settings” menu you just need to click on the last link from there “Download a Copy”.
Step 3:- it will redirect you to the “Download Your Information” page. You will find and Option “Share My Archive”. A pop option will appear Click on “Start My Archive”.
Step 4:- Click on that will prepare your data for download. Once the data get ready you will get an option “Download Archive”. Click and download it.
Step 5:- The Data will be downloaded in a ‘Zip File’ so you need to extract the files
Step 6:- Now click on HTML and contact_info from the options at the left below the profile photo.
Step 7:- Now you just need to scroll down to the bottom in order to find out all gathered call and SMS data.

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How to Prevent or Block Facebook from collecting data from your Android Device

It is identified that the data collection by facebook happens because data sync is turned on. So if you want to stop this then you need to stop the facebook from syncing your contacts by turning off the data sync of facebook. To do so just click on Your Profile picture from Home which is at the top right corner. Now just navigate to “People Synced Contacts”. All the users who are using facebook Lite can do so by taping on the three dot icon >> App settings >> Contacts upload. You should tab the Sync Your call and Text History option Off from the settings.

You should also remove the uploaded contacts from messenger apps via going through Manage Imported Contacts for messenger page.

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Its very simple to remove uploaded contacts from messenger. You can remove it by hitting deleted all. And you also need to turn off the Continuous Syncing on All of your Android devices where you use the Messenger app to prevent the data from being uploaded again.


There were a big controversy is going on Facebook and Users Data. Many of you didn’t know what type of data has been uploading there, why this happening, how can we prevent from this. Here I managed to clarify and give the method to know and prevent from this. Stay Connected with us for more Tech News and Tips & Tricks.

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