How to turn On/off Facebook’s Facial Recognition Feature


How to turn off Facebook’s Facial Recognition Feature

Today the technology is going advance. The AI capability is being strong day by day. And few days back facebook is also moved a step ahead in its security area with integrating AI and Apps together.

The Facial recognition features on facebook actually reads the images and objects available on facebook. this can help to close a lot’s of fake accounts and notify the user whenever a picture or video of there is uploaded on facebook.

In today’s world where privacy and security is the more necessary to be safe and this feature can be thought as a boon.  This features will help you to find is there any pictures and videos upload on facebook. If anyone upload your picture or video then with help of facial recognition feature facebook will notify you that someone had uploaded your picture or video.

Actually this feature is AI based and the Facebook Algorithm will run through your images and it also stores that data after the processing for instant feature use. Actually this is to train the algorithm and to make it more sharper. But for many of you its might cause to worry that its storing your details. But don’t worry Facebook also allows you to turn off this feature and you can use facebook without it also. Here we will see how to turn Off or On Facial recognition feature in Facebook.

How to do it from Web

If you are a person who uses facebook from web. Then you can do it by visiting the Settings page of your facebook. You just need to go to setting and then click on ‘General Account Settings”. Then You will see several option on the left including Facial Recognition. Just click on it and turn it off.

How to Do it from Mobile

From Mobile open Facebook app. you will find three lines on the top right corner of the app click on it and select settings >> now tap on privacy shortcuts. Now you will find a lot of options there. Scroll to the end and select “More Settings”.  And here you will find “Facial Recognition” turn it off.

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