How to view all Photos & Videos you liked on Facebook


How to view all Photos & Videos you liked on Facebook

In this web tutorial we will know how to view all Photos & Videos you liked on facebook step by step.

Nowadays Facebook is releasing many updates which make the user experience great day by day. Everyone on facebook uploaded tons of photos videos and many other posts on facebook. And everyone who are using facebook also like share comment on tons of photos, videos and other posts of their friends and relation etc.

To view the history of photos and videos you have liked on facebook yet is very simple and easy. It can be done through Facebook Activity Log. Here I will give you a step by step complete guide for both Smartphone and PC.

How to view all Photos & Videos you liked on Facebook On Smartphone Android or iOS

Step 1: First Open the ‘Facebook app’ on your Smartphone. if you haven’t installed yet then first install it and login with your id and password.
STEP 2: Now tap on the three line menu button which will be showing in the right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Scroll down and Tap on “Activity Log” it will take you to a screen which will contain all of your activity on facebook with particular year and date.
STEP 4: Now click on ‘Filter button’ in the top of the Activity Log screen and choose ‘Likes
STEP 5: Now it will show you all photos, videos and post which you have liked with date time and year.

How to view all Photos & Videos you liked on Facebook Using Desktop or PC

STEP 1: open and login first.
STEP 2: Click on ‘Profile’ and then click on ‘View Activity Log’ Button.
STEP 3: Now you will be redirected to ‘Activity Log’ Screen.
STEP 4: In the left section you will find ‘filter’ option click on ‘likes
STEP 5: Now you can see all the posts photos, videos which you have liked on facebook.


Here in this tutorial we know about how to view all the posts, photos and videos which we have liked on facebook. We will be bringing some more tips and tricks soon so be tuned with us and take benefit from our work. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter

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