How to Download Driving License & RC from mParivahan App


How to Download Driving License and RC from mParivahan App – If you are a person who commute by using a two-wheeler or a four wheeler, then you probably be knowing that documents like Driving License and RC is how much important, especially in India. Today here we have arrived with a good news for you, yes today we will be guiding you how to get your driving license download through mParivahan?

Department of Transportation, under Government of India has released a new App which is named as mParivahan, which is actually can be used to generated virtual DL and also Virtual RC.

Isn’t its good? It really helpful especially in India, if a traffic police stops you and asks you to verify the authenticity of the our vehicle and Driving License, then at that time we can show these virtual DL. It helps more when we caught and we didn’t have the photocopy or the original DL with us.

Lets move further and come back to topic How to download Driving License ? as will as How to download RC?

How to Download Driving License and RC

First thing you should know that for downloading the virtual driving license and RC you will need complete driving license number along with you with date of birth which is mentioned on your driving license, without any of these information you will not be able to get your virtual DL on the mParivahan App.

  1. First you will need to download the mParivahan app using the Google Play store (Links for Google Play and iOS store are given below.)
  2. Open the app and Login (if you haven’t created your account yet then you can sign up)
  3. Now select the appropriate option depending on whether you want DL or RC.
  4. Now to generate the virtual DL or RC which you have selected, click on “Add To My Dashboard”
  5. Now you will need to enter your Date of Birth to verify.
  6. After verification go back
  7. Now go to dashboard and select the DL Dashboard, here you will be able to access your virtual DL or RC
  8. From there you can also download the 3D barcode, which can be used to scan by police to look at the existing challans on your account.

The Virtual DL shows all the important details like date of birth, expiry date, vehicle class and RTO code. For your information keep it in mind that these digitally signed document is valid as per the IT Act 2000 when used electronically, if you ever forget to take the DL with you, you can just shows there virtual DL which is now valid and legal across India.

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