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Call centers have seen new heights in the past decade in India. When you work at a call center, you are the primary means of communication between an organization and it’s clients or customers. Hence, if you are not motivated by customer satisfaction, then this job is probably not for you. Call center agents have to be great problem-solvers and commit to improving the customer experience.

How Does A Call Center Work?

Be it call center jobs in Delhi orcall center jobs in Bangalore, the way a call center functions is the same. We can present this process in three primary steps:

Making/Receiving Customer Calls

Depending on the type of call center, the agent either makes a call to the customer who requested it (outbound process) or receives a call from the customer directly (inbound process). These calls are either direct i.e. by dialing the helpline number or by requested through some application.

Once the call is connected, it goes through a series of filters that connect it to the right call center agent. This works great especially with those call centers that have a lot of departments and services. Each of these departments specializes in specific services.

Connecting the call with the right agent is a great way to enhance the problem-solving procedure as well as customer satisfaction.

Call Center Agent Work On The Concern/Issue

When the call is transferred to the agent, that is where their actual work starts. They have to actively listen to the customer’s concern and give the best resolution in a short span of time. The customer could call with either a complaint, a query or some other form of assistance. Hence, the agents must have great in-depth product knowledge in order to assist the customer with their full capability.

The goal is to ensure the customer doesn’t have to come back with the same issue again. So it is important to provide a resolution in the first call itself.

Follow Up

For those cases where the concern cannot be solved on the first call itself, the agents do a follow-up. Such cases occur more often than you might think. There are many examples where the agent might not have the liberty to make a decision and needs to take this matter up with higher authority or a different team altogether. Putting a customer on hold for such a long time is the easiest way to make them angry or frustrated. Hence, agents request for some time to look into the issue and get back to them.

Once the issue is resolved from their end, agents take a follow up by making an outbound call to the customer and informing them that the issue has been resolved.

Jobs At A Call Center

A call center is not a one-man army, it requires a whole team of professionals to achieve company goals. Here is a list of all the jobs available at a call center:

  • Call center manager
  • Team leader
  • Trainer
  • Telemarketer
  • Call center agent
  • Technical support agent, etc

All of these jobs require a base level of similar skills and then, of course, additional skills as per the job role. Take a look at some of the basic skills needed to work at a call center:

  • Knowledge Retention (Product Knowledge)
  • Communication Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creativity
  • Organization
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