Best Open Source API Testing Tools


Best Open Source API Testing Tools

These days, more and more people are shifting their focus toward DevOps. While this change comes with tons of advantages but it also comes with many new challenges. For instance, continuous deployment (CD), continuous integration (CI), and test feedback which need to be delivered faster than ever. Only focusing on user interface automation can actually kill off your test automation efforts.

For that reason, API testing needs to be an important part of your automation strategy. However, with many tasks waiting to be completed, how you are going to find the time to find the right API testing tools? Do you know even which one you need? Where are you going to find them?

As we all know, some developer struggle with finding the right API documentation generator – what makes you think they have enough time to find the proper testing tools? In order to help any developers out there with this time-consuming task, here we have a list of best open source API testing tools on the market today. Without further wasting time, let’s dive right into the topic, and find the Best api testing tools.

Top Open Source API Testing Tools

  • Fiddler: Monitoring and Manipulating HTTP Requests

For starters, we have a tool that allows developers to monitor and manipulate their HTTP requests. But that’s not the only thing this particular tool does. A number of features will help you debug your website issues, and one extension will help you test your API out.

The neatly-titled APITest will help you validate the behavior of any online API you want. In turn, you’ll be able to judge for yourself the success of your API tests. You can also use the Fiddler Class Library to build your own API-testing infrastructure from scratch.

Simply put, the tool has almost everything a developer needs to test his APIs out. If you’re using a .NET language, Fiddler should definitely be your first choice, since it allows you to create your testing infrastructure using any .NET programming language you want.

  • JMeter: Perfect for Load Testing

The next tool we have on our list was originally designed for load testing, you’ll find hundreds of developers using it for API testing. Needless to say, JMeter is quite a versatile tool. It has all the functionality one needs to test his API as well as some other interesting features.

For instance, the tool automatically works with CSV files. That will enable your team members to create their own parameter values for their tests. Furthermore, JMeter can be fully integrated with Jenkins, thus, allowing you to include your tests in CI pipelines.

Therefore, if you want to create an API test that will leverage in your performance tests as well, you should go with the JMeter as your main testing solution. It will allow you to be more efficient by killing two birds with one stone.

  • SoapUI: A Fully Functional API Testing Tool

This tool has been around for quite some time now, so chances are, most of the readers have already heard about it. However, since SoapUI is so useful for API testing, we couldn’t just pass it. Now, if you have a team full of QA engineers and you only want to do simple API tests, SoapUI is for you.

You see, this tool is only dedicated to API tests. So if you don’t want to waste time creating tests, you can simply use SoapUI to test your API out. Also, if you want to create some custom workflows or functionalities, you can do it by coding a solution in SoapUI with Groovy.

Last but not least, we need to mention that this particular tool is extremely user friendly. That mean, if you’re doing some API testing for the first time, you should definitely get ahold of SoapUI. But if you want to do some complicated tests on your API, you can still use it.

Final Thoughts: What Tool to Choose?

The bottom line is this – there are no perfect tools out there. As a matter of fact, every single tool group is different in its own way. That means, there are no “ultimate solutions” that will help you test every single endpoint of your API. You should lower your expectations just a little bit.

Nonetheless, every single tool we mentioned on the list is a good option and the best api testing tools and it will help you test your API out, depending on your needs. There are many API testing tools on the Internet, and in our opinion, these are the four best ones available today.

We hope you enjoyed our writing and that you found our list helpful. What are some of your favorite API tools? Make sure to share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comment section below.

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