How to Activate, Deactivate or change Reliance Jio Caller Tune For Free


How to Activate, Deactivate or change Reliance Jio Caller Tune Free

Many of us will be familiar with Reliance Jio, this changes the history of 4G services and data in India. As like some of other features of Reliance Jio, Jio caller tune is also free to use. Its very easy to activate your jio caller tune feature and also you can easily change your jio caller tune, But today many of us didn’t know how to change, activate or deactivate the jio caller tune they just copy the song and use it. Jio caller tune is free to use, you can activate it without any cost.

Here in this web tutorial I will give you complete guide on how you can ‘activate jio caller tune, and how easily you can change your jio caller tune and how to deactivate the jio caller tune service’, in short a complete guide on Jio Caller Tune Service.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free?

You can Activate Jio Caller tune by using any of the three methods given below

  1. Jio Music App
  2. Sms
  3. Star (*) to copy

Method 1: Via Using Jio Music App

For this method you will need Jio Music app installed in your smartphone. If not then first download it. if you didn’t want to download then don’t worry read the article carefully you will find your solution.

Step 1: First download the Jio Music app in your smartphone.

Step 2: Now just login to Jio Music App to check out the latest songs, or to find out your best pick.

Step 3: Now search for your favorite song and play it. and tap on “ Set As Jio Tune”.

STEP 4: A new popup window will display just tap on “set as Jio Tune” (you can also listen to the tune which will going to set)

Step 5: that all… you will receive a confirmation message from Jio upon successful activation of Jio Tune.

Method 2: Via Sending SMS

Step 1: First you need to open your default message app

Step 2: Now just go to new message and type “JT” and send it to 56789 then you can search by three ways

Step 3: MOVIE <movie Name of Song> send it to 56789

Step 4: SINGER <singer name of the song> send it to 56789

Step 5: ALBUM <Album Name of Song> send it to 56789

Step 6: Then you will get list of songs in the Movie, Album or Singer

Step 7: chose the song number code and forward.

Step 8: In less than a minute you will receive a conformation message as “Dear Jio Customer, You have requested for activation of Jio Tunes/ caller tune services. To confirm please reply Y to this message within 30 Minutes. Charges Rs.0.0. Validity 30 Days.”

Step 9: When you receive the above message then reply “Y” to it.

Step 10: Instantly You’ll get SMS of activation and your Jio Tune will get activated with your selected song.

Method 3: Vie Copy Method using Star Button

Step 1: Make a call to a person who is using Jio Caller tune you. Listen the caller tune.

Step 2: Now Press the star button (*) while listing the caller tune.

Step 3: Done. Your jio caller tune has been set now.

How to Deactivate Jio Caller tune Service

Deactivating the Jio Caller tune service is also so simple. If you already activated the Jio caller tune service and want to deactivate it then just you need to follow the given step:

Step 1: First you need to Open default messages app.

Step 2: Type “JT” and send it to 56789.

Step 3: Now you will receive a message from Reliance Jio for conformation.

Step 4 : Now type “4” and send it to 56789

Step 5: congratulation You have successfully deactivated Jio Caller tune service


Above web tutorial is a complete guide about “Jio Caller tune services activation and deactivation” criteria. But if you are facing any problem then don’t hesitate to tell us. You can share your problem in below comment box, we are here to help you.

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