5 Best Writing Apps for Android Smartphones 2022


Writing apps make life easier for everyone. But, which of them are best on android phones?

In today’s remote working culture, writing on the go is an essential process. It’s not only key in converting good ideas into the written word on paper; it’s also a necessity for working on the go. That’s why writers employ apps and programs that allow them to work from their phones.

However, various applications service diversified purposes in the online world. Some are good for writing, others are good at editing, but they all need to perform well on mobile phones. So, which applications stand out as such?

Writers today have various challenges, such as working and editing on the go. Moreover, they tend to fix content around the clock and revise whenever the need arises. That’s why one must pick android applications, which are ideal for such usage.

So, let’s dive in and see which one fits the role.

5 Best Writing Android Apps Writers In 2022

When you’re using a mobile phone tool to assist with writing, it needs to be able to assist comprehensively.

The application needs to perform well, without any glitches or hindrance between your work. Then, it also needs to be free—since most writers like free apps.

Therefore, the prioritized elements include mobile usage and convenience when making this list.That’s why each of the android apps you will find on this list will help you with one key writing element or the other. So, let’s get into it without any delay:

1.   Paraphraser.io

Enzipe Apps’ Paraphrasing Tool is one of the most convenient tools that you can use today. The reason it’s on this list is because of the ability of this program to check for plagiarism.

So, if you’re looking to ensure that your content is 100% before you press the “Send” button, then you need this app on your phone. So, how exactly does it help? Here’s how it helps.

Here’s the input window you get when you fire up the application. Then, as you can see, the top section offers you three primary content tones. We’re going with fluent so that we can rephrase it into something flowing and smooth. Here’s what we get.

As you can see, it fluently changed the content’s tone without any hassle. Proving that it’s one of the most convenient applications any writer can have in their arsenal. Not only is it free, but it’s also highly convenient.

It helps you get rid of plagiarism avoid any duplicity as well. Furthermore, you can change your content’s tone from three primary options: standard, fluent, and creative.This makes this application a must-have for you—if you’re used to writing on the go.

Key Information

  • Character Limit: 5000 characters in each go
  • In-App Purchases: None. TotallyFree
  • Content Tone(s): Fluent, standard, and creative

2.   Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism checker helps writers with one of the primary issues that they face. Since one of the common problems that writers face is plagiarism, this tool helps them get rid of it on the go. While this application offers its primary services forfree, it also has paid options.

Now, how exactly will it assist you with avoiding plagiarism? It can help you detect it on the go; here’s how:

We took one of the primary articles in SERP regarding plagiarism and pasted a sentence to see how well it detects plagiarism to check the application’s efficiency. Then, the app will show you this screen.

During checking, the app will show you this screen. If your article’s length is long, then it gives you a window of tending to other things while it detects plagiarism. Once done, you’ll see this screen:

As you can see, the tool is highly effective in catching any plagiarism. It’ll even show you the paraphrased content—which is a rarity in any plagiarism detecting tool. This is one of the reasons this app stands out as one of the best and most convenient for writers today.

Key Information

  • Word Limit: 1000 words each time
  • Paid Options: In-app purchases

3.   Google Doc


Google Docs is one of the critical essentials of Google suite. While the whole Google suite is needed by writer’s today, Google Docs is especially necessary. Mainly because of its ability to help you formulate content on the go.

As you can see, it’s a full-fledged word process for mobile usage. Upon clicking the drop-down menu on the top-right corner, you get additional options. Such as:

This tool can help you with a lot of things, as you can see. Whether you wish to check the word count, use document outlines, explore, spell-check, etc. The efficiency of the tool is remarkable, but most importantly, it comes with an array of other tools, including Google Drive and Sheets.

Both of these are necessary for writers who are used to working on the go. Not only does it allow you to save your work without any hassle, with its cloud storage, it also allows you access from anywhere.

However, perhaps the one benefit that writers will like most about the Google Docs Android app is its collaboration ability. If you wish to teamup with another writer, you need to create a document and share the link with them.

Key Information

  • Extensive Cloud Storage (Google Drive)
  • Easy tracking and accompanying tool (Google Sheets)
  • Note-keeping tool: Google Keeps

4.   EditPad


EditPad is yet another remarkable tool, which is available on android devices. It’s an online text editor, ideal for writers in all niches or industries. It allows you to write, import, export, save or edit documents on the go.

The basic UI allows writers to write text without any troubles, as you can see. Then, you can open documents from this app and edit them if you wish. Furthermore, it also helps you format your texts on the go, which makes it one of the most convenient apps a writer needs.

5. Microsoft Word


The final tool on this list is Microsoft Word on android. It’s a toned-down version of MS Word that all writers know and love. It’s a mini word processor, which helps writers formulate and write content on the go.

The tool is a remarkable addition to any writer’s arsenal. After all, it is a muffled MS word, allowing writers to create content on the go. However, its more significant usage is on android tablets, as it unlocks further options for bigger screens.

5 Benefits of Using These Apps

All these remarkable applications can make a writer’s life easy. The benefit of using these apps isn’t only reduced to their primary resolve; they also help with various other purposes.

For instance, the paraphrasing app can help you improve your content’s tone and not just help you eliminate plagiarism. On the other hand, a word processor app can help you format the content properly.

So, let’s talk about the five primary benefits of using these android apps:

Write On the Go

One of the major challenges for writers in today’s world is to write on the go. With remote settings and working from home being persistent because of Covid19, writers need solutions to write content without delays.

These apps providejust that and allow the writers to improve, generate, and write content on the go—allowing them greater flexibility.

Fix Unwanted Problems

Plagiarism or bad content tone are two of the major unwanted problems for writers. They can arise anytime. So, imagine you were outside then you get an email from your client to fix certain content elements quickly.

Then, these apps can help you do that without typing or rewriting a word. Their flexibility in fixing unwanted problems anywhere makes these applications essential for writers today.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is yet another problem that might arise anytime. Even if it is accidental, imagine if you get a message saying that your content has a plagiarized sentence, so you need to rewrite it. All you will have to do is fire up the plagiarism checker app.

Then, identify just the sentence with duplicity, use the word processor app, and rewrite it into something different. This flexibility makes these apps worth it for any writer.

Paraphrase Content: Make It Better

Paraphrasing apps are prominent today, not only because of their abilities to eliminate plagiarism but also to make the content better. So, if your content isn’t on par with the required content tone, then all you need to do is pick a different tone in any paraphrasing app.

Note Down Ideas on the Go

Online text editors, notepads, etc., can help you keep notes on the go. So, let’s say you get a call from a client or your fellow writer; all you will have to do is take notes and write them down in one of the aforementioned apps, i.e.,EditPad or Google Docs.


These apps are a necessary addition to any writer’s arsenal. So, using them can help you formulate better content on the go.

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